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      Jinzhou Institute of Metal Materials

      Company: Jinzhou Metal Materials Research Institute Company

      Address: Luotaizi, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province

      Domestic Trade Department: 0416-4593067




      Foreign Trade Department Tel: 0416-4675064

      Email address: seller@jzmm.com

      Fax: 0416-4675615

      Zip code: 121001

      Company website: www.nikolaisvishev.com/en

      The company is looking for a secretary to general manager


      Jinzhou metal materials research institute recruitment

      Position: Secretary to the Director

      Work address: Luotaizi, Guta District (2.3km west to the south gate of No. 6 Petroleum Plant)

      Salary and Remuneration: RMB 4200 per month, probation period of 1-3 months, pay five social insurance and one housing fund for qualified employees. Exercise and promotion opportunities, employee travel, holiday benefits, paid leave, communication subsidies, free lunch and shuttle bus.

      Specific requirements:

      1. Bachelor degree or above, major in metallurgy and metal material is preferred, the graduation time is not more than two years.

      2. Residence: West Liaoning, the best place to live is Jinzhou Qiaonan.

      3. Strong communication, coordination and text editing skills.

      4. The deadline for recruitment registration is May 1st.

      Application: Please send your resume to jzmmwhy@163.com and contact 13464656543.


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      Address: Luotaizi, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province

      Domestic Trade Department Tel: 0416-4593067/4676672 Email: seller@jzmm.com Company website: official zip code: 121001