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      Raw material prices, magnesium continued to strengthen the city


      In February, the daily average price of domestic magnesium fluctuated from 14,200 to 15,600 yuan/ton, with a monthly average price of 14,610 yuan/ton, down 0.47% year on year. In early February, the market was relatively dull. Except for a few processing enterprises that had a small amount of stock before the Spring Festival, most processing enterprises were preparing for the Spring Festival holiday, orders and trading volume decreased significantly, and the magnesium price showed a slight downward trend, with the magnesium price at 14,100 ~ 14,400 yuan/ton. After the Spring Festival, the market volume increased obviously, magnesium prices rose sharply, appear this kind of phenomenon, on the one hand, because after the Spring Festival non-ferrous metal and chemical raw materials prices rose broadly, thus promote the price increase of magnesium, affected by the buy or not to buy up state of mind, downstream users and middlemen actively intervene to purchase the original magnesium production enterprises have no too much inventory, short-term market spot nervous, Further promote magnesium prices rise. Because of Inner Mongolia region, on the other hand, plans to adjust prices, ferrosilicon electricity cost will have larger growth, ferrosilicon prices will rise, the price of magnesium and further the uplifted, magnesium strong market began to run, the original price of magnesium from 14100 ~ 14400 yuan/ton rose to 14700 ~ 15000 yuan/ton, in late February, market demand, Purchasing orders continued to follow up, most of the factories arranged orders for production, continued to increase the external quotation, by the end of February, magnesium prices once rose to 15,300 ~ 15,600 yuan/ton, the market continued to strengthen.


      By the end of February, the mainstream price of manufacturers in Shanxi is 15,500 ~ 15,600 yuan/ton; The price of Ningxia region is basically 15,300 ~ 15,400 yuan/ton; The price of Shaanxi area is 15,300 ~ 15,400 yuan/ton.

      In terms of exports, the FOB price in January picked up somewhat compared with the previous period. In February, the average monthly FOB price was 2,361 US dollars/ton, an increase of 8.02% year on year. The average price from January to February was USD2347.31 / ton, up 8.13% year on year.

      As of the end of February, some manufacturers and traders offer export prices at $2480 ~ $2490 / ton in FOB. / /

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