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      The role of zirconia powder in ceramics


      Ceramics, as a historical symbol of Chinese culture, has a history of thousands of years. From the initial pottery and porcelain to the combined ceramics, and then to the middle of the ordinary ceramics and modern scientific ceramics, modern scientific ceramics are also divided into special ceramics and ceramics for daily life. Special ceramics refers to our modern industrialization of this category of ceramics, ceramics for daily life, I think there is no need to say more, as the name implies refers to the ceramic products used in our daily life.


      Zirconia ceramic powder and other materials composite, can greatly improve the performance parameters of the composite material, improve its fracture toughness, bending strength and so on. Therefore, high purity zirconia is not only used in the field of structural and functional ceramics, but also to improve the surface properties of metal materials such as thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, etc. Conductive properties of different elements doped with high purity zirconia. It is used for electrode manufacture in high performance solid state battery.

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