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      Vanadium iron powder

      Vanadium iron powder
      Detailed introduction:

      1. Product introduction: FeV powder is used in special welding material industry to increase the wear resistance, ductility and elasticity of steel

      2. Product details: ferrovanadium is a kind of ferroalloy, which can be obtained by reducing vanadium penoxide with carbon in an electric furnace, or by reducing vanadium penoxide by silicon thermal method in an electric furnace. It is widely used as an elemental additive in smelting vanadium-bearing alloy steel and alloyed cast iron, and in recent years it is also used to manufacture permanent magnets. About 90% of the vanadium consumed in the world is used in the steel industry. In ordinary low alloy steels, vanadium mainly refines grain size, increases steel strength and inhibits its aging effect. In the alloy structure steel is to refine the grain, increase the strength and toughness of the steel; Used in conjunction with chromium or manganese in spring steel to increase the elastic limit of steel and improve its quality; In tool steels, it mainly refines the structure and grain, increases the tempering stability, enhances the secondary hardening, improves the wear resistance, and prolongs the service life of tools. Vanadium also plays a beneficial role in heat - and hydrogen-resistant steels. Vanadium added in cast iron, due to the formation of carbides and promote the formation of pearlite, the cementite stability, the shape of graphite particles fine and uniform, refining the matrix grain, so that the casting hardness, tensile strength and wear resistance to improve.

      3. Product indicators:


      4. Product use: mainly used in alloy steel smelting, spring steel production, special welding, powder metallurgy, permanent magnet, etc.

      5. Packing: 100kg/ iron drum with plastic bags lined, or according to customer requirements.

      6. The size of 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, can be produced according to customer requirements of different specifications.

      Address: Luotaizi, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province

      Domestic Trade Department Tel: 0416-4593067/4676672 Email: seller@jzmm.com Company website: official zip code: 121001