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      Molybdenum iron powder

      Molybdenum iron powder
      Detailed introduction:

      1. Product introduction: iron molybdenum powder for smelting, casting and special welding materials industry

      2. Product details: ferromolybdenum powder is gray with metallic luster irregular shape, one of the main benefits of ferromolybdenum alloy is its hardening property, make steel weldability, wear resistance is very strong, the characteristics of ferromolybdenum makes it in other metals more than a layer of protective film, suitable for a variety of products. Ferromolybdenum is a ferroalloy composed of molybdenum and iron, which generally contains 50 ~ 60% molybdenum. It is used as an alloy additive for steelmaking. Its main use is as an additive for molybdenum in steelmaking. The addition of molybdenum to the steel can make the steel have uniform fine grain structure and improve the hardenability of the steel, which is beneficial to eliminate the temper brittleness. In high - speed steel, molybdenum can be used in place of some tungsten. Molybdenum, together with other alloying elements, is widely used in the production of stainless steels, heat resistant steels, acid resistant steels, tool steels and alloys with special physical properties. Molybdenum is added to cast iron to increase its strength and wear resistance.

      3. Product indicators:


      4. Product use: the largest application of ferromolybdenum is based on the content and range of molybdenum is different, the production of ferroalloy, flux cored wire addition, thermal spraying, repair, special steel production, etc.

      5. Packing: 100kg/ iron drum with plastic bags lined, or according to customer requirements.

      6. The size of 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 200 mesh, can be produced according to customer requirements of different specifications.

      Address: Luotaizi, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province

      Domestic Trade Department Tel: 0416-4593067/4676672 Email: seller@jzmm.com Company website: official zip code: 121001